LIVESCAN Fingerprints in Metairie

Law Enforcement Trained Technicians with over 15 Years of LIVESCAN Fingerprinting Experience

Digital Fingerprints captured and printed on FBI or State Issued Fingerprint Cards

WITH The *KINGSGUARD 100% FBI Processing Guarantee*


$20.00 (+Tax) - Fingerprint Collection & One (1) FBI-258 Applicant or State Specific Card  

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Own a buisness? In charge of licensing? 

Call or Email Us to inquire about our Fingerprint Contracting Service!

*Traditional INK Fingerprinting Available Upon Request*


Fingerprint ARCHIVING


-Securely and confidentially save your prints in our VAULT for your future needs. 

This enables us to reprint cards or electronically submit your record whenever you may need them

all without having to go through the entire fingerprinting process all over again!

Read More About ARCHIVING > HERE

Archived Reprint Pricing

$15.00 (+Tax) per FBI-258 or State Specific Card

Archived Submission Pricing

$35.00 per Record (includes Provider's Submission Fee) + Any Applicable State/Agency Fees


Electronic Submissions to FDLE 

(Florida Department of Law Enforcement)

-We are the ONLY Authorized Company in Louisiana able to provide direct FDLE LIVESCAN Level II Electronic Fingerprint Submissions to 

The State of Florida for Background Checks and/or any licensing needs.

 (i.e. Department of Health, Department of Buisiness and Professional Regulations, Department of Financial Regulation, etc.)

-Must have Florida Agency Number (ORI #) for submission.

-Please Refer to FEE SCHEDULE Listed Below.


Electronic Submissions to FINRA

(Financial Industry Regulatory Authority)

-We offer a program for direct FINRA Electronic Fingerprint Submissions to the United States Securities Industry and it's Regulators, including Securities Brokers-Dealers, Banks and FINRA Members. 


Passport Photos

$10.00 (+Tax) - Two (2) Regulation Passport Photos on One (1) Card


Florida (FDLE) LiveScan Elecronic Submission Fees

Processing Fee Portion: 

KINGSGUARD Charges a $30 Flat Fee to capture your prints and photo (as required by FDLE).

Our Provider charges a $15 Submission Fee to The State of Florida for processing. 

FDLE Background Check Fee Portion: 

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement fee structure varies depending on the ORI, VECHS or OCA Number that the applicant is being processed for.  

Use This Link To Determine Pricing:
FDLE Pricing Lookup

Example #1:

If you were being processed for ORI Number EAHCA020Z  your total cost would be $105.00  ($60.00 for the state’s background check fee, plus $45 for our processing fee equals $105.00.)

Example #2: 

If you were being processed for ORI Number FL737111Z your total cost would be $69.00.  ($24.00 for the state’s background check fee, plus $45 for our processing fee equals $69.00.) 

All Services Are Subject To Federal, State & Local Tax In Accordance With La. R.S. 47:301.

All Payments Must Be Made Prior To Services Being Rendered Unless Otherwise Contracted.



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